Caribe Clarinete
This is a unique and varied collection of seven works for clarinet by Puerto Rican composers, blending classical and Latin styles. The first and last tracks are traditional "Danzas," the latter depicting teenagers (the clarinet being the girl, and the trombone a boy) flirting over the internet. Three works are for clarinet alone: "Voces del Barrio," (which sounds like salsa, montuno, and plena at times,) the meditative "Crepúsculo," and Roberto Sierra's evocative "Cinco Bocetos." The other two selections are a sonata based on folk idioms, and a character piece. Notes in English and Spanish give the listener a better appreciation of this fascinating repertoire.

Caribe Clarinete was recorded in 2007-08, during a sabbatical Ms. Jones was granted by the CMPR, and was produced with additional support from the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture and the Luis A. Ferre Fine Arts Center. CMPR colleagues Diana Figueroa, piano, and Luis Fred, trombone, collaborate.

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Release Date: 4 Aug 2008

Title Cost
01 - Sara- Danza Puertorriqueña $1.09
02 - Sonata en la Menor I. Allegro Vivace $1.09
03 - Sonata en la Menor II. Andante Cantabile $1.09
04 - Sonata en la Menor III. Allegro Con Brio $1.09
05 - Cinco Bocetos No. I Preludio $1.09
06 - Cinco Bocetos No. II Canción del campo $1.09
07 - Cinco Bocetos No. III Interludio Nocturno $1.09
08 - Cinco Bocetos No. IV Canción de la montaña $1.09
09 - Cinco Bocetos No. V Final Con Pájaros $1.09
10 - Introspection for B-Flat Clarinet and Piano $1.09
11 - Crepúsculo (Twilight) $1.09
12 - Voces del Barrio I De la Calle $1.09
13 - Voces del Barrio II Prikitín Pin Pon $1.09
14 - Voces del Barrio III Clamor del Piel Pandero $1.09
15 - Netiquette- Danza Puertorriqueña $1.09

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